Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic (PPHP) Votes works to elect pro-reproductive health candidates in New York State. From Governor to State Senate and Assembly to municipal offices, PPHP Votes sends mail, makes calls, and talks to voters about voting for the right candidates.

New York is commonly seen as a progressive state that will always be a leader in reproductive rights, so why give to PPHP Votes? The answer is simple:  continued access to reproductive health care in New York is not as safe as you might think. 

As a supporter of reproductive health, YOU can make a difference.  Here’s how:

Flipping the New York State Senate: 

In 2014, we lost three pro-reproductive health members in the Senate, consequently, it has become nearly impossible to pass any reproductive health legislation, including bills concerning contraception. We now must flip 3 seats to win a pro-reproductive health State Senate in 2018 to support and advance gender equality and economic opportunities for people and their families, and to preserve reproductive rights in New York. 

Building a Movement:

PPHP Votes will use its organizing expertise to continue growing a pro-reproductive health activist base that is ready to step up and take action on our policies and candidates who stand with us. Planned Parenthood is a trusted messenger and a natural rallying point for pro-reproductive health voters.

The Big Picture:

Redistricting in 2020 is just around the corner. The legislature we elect this year will be key in determining who controls Congress for the next decade. We learned in 2014 that we can’t be complacent at the state level. If we fail to flip the State Senate in 2018, redistricting in 2020 could see the state further gerrymandered, ensuring even more districts are won by anti-reproductive health candidates at both state and federal levels. 

Donate to PPHP Votes:

Your donation to PPHP Votes helps strengthen our voice and power in this upcoming election. Your support is critical in electing a State Legislature that stands up for the health and rights of all New Yorkers.