In a year when voter turnout is expected to be high because of the Presidential election, we have a tremendous opportunity to elect candidates across the board who will fight for reproductive health and rights. This is our time to strike as the entire U.S. House of Representatives and New York State Legislature are up for election this year.

In New York we are NOT as safe as you may think. We need 4 seats to win a pro-women's health Senate in order to pass vital legislation, including the Reproductive Services Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act. These bills would, respectively, codify Roe v. Wade in New York State law and improve access to contraceptives in New York.


PPHP Action Fund Board Member's Community View
PPHP Action Fund Board Member Joseph M. Coe submitted a Community View about protecting and respecting transgender individual to The Journal News. You can read the whole piece here.  

Hillary Clinton Wins NY Primary
April 19 was an historic day in New York! Democratic voters made a clear choice in the New York primary and overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. Planned Parenthood Action Fund and PPHP Action Fund endorsed Secretary Clinton, who has a proven track record of advocating for women throughout her career – as First Lady, as our Senator, and as Secretary of State. None of the Republican candidates will stand up for comprehensive reproductive health care. Each of the remaining Republican candidates seek to deny women the ability to determine their own reproductive health care. We can’t let that happen, so onward to November!

Special Election in SD9
We are thrilled that all of the hard work of the PPHP Action Fund Political Committee (PPHPAFPC) volunteers and the contributions of the PPHPAFPC donors (including many of you!) paid off on April 19 with a victory for Todd Kaminsky in the 9th Senate District in Nassau County. The PPHPAFPC worked very closely with colleagues from Planned Parenthood of Nassau County Action Fund Political Committee and PPNYC Votes to send three mailings for him, get dozens of volunteers to make calls on his behalf, knock on doors, and hire professional canvassers get out the vote. And it worked! Todd Kaminsky was declared the winner. 

State and Federal Resources
To stay up-to-date on issues related to the Presidential election, please visit Planned Parenthood Action Fund
For information on New York State elections, please visit Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York